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The 8+1 Science is a new way of thinking about and teaching science, not a new set of science standards. It supports basic concepts included in most sets of standards and can be implemented with existing curriculum, textbooks, and equipment. Teachers are being trained on how to incorporate 8+1 Science in their classroom as they teach their curriculum. By helping students apply what they are learning in science and make connections to the world around them, teachers are becoming more effective in what they teach and students learn creative and critical thinking skills.

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Thinking Blocks



Thinking Blocks is aligned with Common Core and provides teachers the visualization component often lacking in math instruction.  Using brightly colored blocks, students model mathematical relationships and identify known and unknown quantities. The model provides students with apowerful image that organizes information and simplifies the problem
solving process. By modeling increasingly complex word problems, students develop strong  reasoning skills which will facilitate the transition from arithmetic to algebra.

Key.br Online Typing Program


Keybr.com is very straightforward. You can choose from three basic lessons that start with a certain number of keys on the keyboard, and then, as you progress through the lessons, more keys are introduced to the mix to make things a little tougher. As an added bonus, our software keeps track of all your mistakes and your words–per–minute (wpm) — and even creates graphs of your day–by–day performance.

Science Fix

   Science Fix.Com

From the web site…Welcome to ScienceFix.com! Your place to get your science fix! It is a resource for middle school science teachers. It has resources (created by me, Darren Fix), that teachers can use such as lessons, science links, video demonstrations and web projects/webquests. There are original resources and of course customized (teaching is all about taking other teachers creations and modifying and tailoring it to your classroom).

The Mini Page Archive

  The Mini-Page Archives

Appearing in over 500 newspapers weekly, The Mini Page is loved by children, parents, teachers, and anyone who wants to learn a little more while having a lot of fun.  You can click here to search hundreds of archived articles.  With Common Core and the need for more content area reading practice, this could be a great classroom tool.

My Web Wardrobe Wiki






My Web Wardrobe Wiki is a fabulous idea for organizing all the Web 2.0 Resources used in the classroom.  Hats off to Jennifer Barnett on this great site.  You might also like her Digital Sewing Kit   with all the basic downloads and plug ins to help you operate efficiently.  And there’s more – a page of Technology Tutorials and Tips and her Friday Five Newsletters sent to teachers each week.





Defined STEM

Defined STEM  Defined STEM is a web-based application designed to promote rigorous and relevant connections between classroom content, highlighting STEM content and real-world applications including career pathways, thus providing learning opportunities for students. Defined STEM provides teachers a resource where they can access highly effective media content and valuable resources to enhance the teaching and learning within the classroom. These resources and materials allow teachers to connect STEM with existing lessons, interdisciplinary content, and standards-based curriculum.