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tonys top links

Best Blog Posts of 2014 – Learning in Hand

Here is a great list of top blog posts from Tony Vincent’s Learning in Hand site.  Topics include QR Codes, favorite Apps, all about iOS8, Ed Chats, etc.




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EDpuzzle allows teachers to crop a video, add their own voice, embed questions and quizzes, find and upload videos.  This is a great free tool for teachers wanting to “flip” the classroom.

Write About


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Write About

write aboutFrom their web site —  At Write About, we believe that writing should be fun for students. This starts with great ideas that spark student curiosity. Whether it’s a visual, a scenario, or a deep question, we believe kids will fall in love with writing when they can chase their curiosity and express their voice to an authentic audience.

This is part of why we use the term “idea” rather than “prompt.” It’s less about giving an assignment and more about inspiring students to write. The goal isn’t to limit student writing, but to expand their options.

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