Sketch Star


Posted by jenmalonetn | Posted in Animation, Digital Storytelling | Posted on February 18, 2013

Sketch Star is an animation program students can use to create stories and illustrations of ideas.  

Arthur Comic Creator


Posted by jenmalonetn | Posted in Animation, Reading/Language Arts, Writing | Posted on October 12, 2011

Arthur Comic Creator allows students to bring one of their favorite characters from literature and the PBS cartoon come to life by creating comic strips.  What a great tie in to language arts lessons and creative writing!

Automatoon Animation Tool


Posted by jenmalonetn | Posted in Animation, Desktop Publishing, Digital Storytelling, Odds and Ends, Reading/Language Arts, Web 2.0 | Posted on July 10, 2011



Automatoon is completely web based and free. There’s no fussy authoring software to install (or pay for!) and you can effortlessly share your animations online. You can also easily export your animations and embed them in your own websites, all for free!  Automatoon is the easiest animation tool ever created.

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