Kodu Challenge Imagine Cup


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Kodu Challenge Imagine Cup

Imagine Cup happily invites aspiring game developers, ages 9 to 18, to learn coding by developing a video game with Kodu, an easy-to-learn, game-creation toolkit and programming language available for free download on Windows-based PCs. We’ve drawn on the expertise of Mercy Corps and the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop to launch this new challenge and we can’t wait to see what young coders create!

The Kodu Challenge runs from March 19 through May 17, 2013, and invites students in two age brackets (9-12 and 13-18) to design games on the Kodu platform. For this challenge, students will explore the relationships between water and people through the medium of Kodu video games. Although the only limits for these students are their imaginations, the partnership with Mercy Corps offers the chance to learn and explore water-related issues, including disaster relief, clean-water engineering projects and much more through a video series launching soon right here on our site. While acquiring valuable skills such as critical thinking, storytelling and programming, students in both age brackets will compete for first-place prizes of US$3,000, second-place prizes of US$2,000, and third-place prizes of US$1,000.

Invent It Challenge


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Invent It Challenge is a project from ePals Global Community.  Students and teachers can register by Jan. 5.

Challenge 1:

Think about a problem in your school (or one in your ePals friend’s school) and come up with an invention to solve it.

Challenge 2:

Find an invention that is used in your school and tell us how you would improve upon it.

Challenge 3:

Find a real-world problem and come up with an invention to solve it.

Doodle for Google Contest


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Doodle for Google 2012
Doodle 4 Google invites K-12 students to express the theme–”If I could
travel in time, I’d visit…”–as creatively as possible using Google’s
logo as their canvas. This year’s winner, along with having his or her
doodle featured on our homepage for a day, will take home a $30,000
college scholarship and a $50,000 technology grant for their school. And
as an added bonus, the winning Doodle will be featured on a special
edition of Crayola’s 64 box! We hope you’ll get everyone in on the fun
(but please — just one doodle per child!). All submissions must be
postmarked by March 20th and received by March 23rd so there’s not a
moment to wait!
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