Moonberri File Sharing


Posted by jenmalonetn | Posted in Cloud Computing, File Sharing | Posted on March 26, 2013


Moonberri Use moonberri to share your files with close family and friends via a private Url links. Simply upload a file to the cloud and a private link is automatically generated for quick sharing with a select inner circle. Its quick and very user friendly. You can use moonberri to:

  • Capture and share your private moments, (Photos & Video’s)
  • Discover and share your interests/hobbies, (Music,documents,notes & Links)
  • Connect and share privately from various social networks.
  • Secure your link with a personal password for ease of mind.
  • Personalize your link with a custom name/label
  • Delete or expire your link when done sharing,days/weeks/months/year

*Guest users have a 200mb upload limit per file and files are deleted after 7 days but are stored if    user decides to sign up. *Registered users have a 1Gb upload limit per file plus free 2GB with future options to upgrade for more storage.

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