Bedtime Math


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bedtime mathBedtime Math

Bedtime Math’s mission is simple: to make nightly math as common and beloved as the bedtime story.  To do that, we need to spread the word to as many families as possible.  So many parents, upon hearing about Bedtime Math, have reacted with the exact same words: “It never occurred to me to do math at bedtime!”  Math should be a favorite activity kids seek out on purpose, like dessert.  And it’s especially critical in a country that struggles with math education!

If there are kids in your life, you can join the Bedtime Math movement to make math a natural, fun part of kids’ everyday lives.  Find out below how you can be a part of it.

Families: Enjoy Bedtime Math with your kids – sign up for Bedtime Math, get the Bedtime Math calendar, and more.  You might end up liking math more yourself, too!

Summer Reading Infograph


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Summer Reading Flowchart has a great list of summer reading for every book lover in your life.  Love this link! 

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