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PES Training 12-16-13  – List of Interdisciplinary Resources

TN Curriculum Center.Org

TN Core.Org is a new site from the TN Dept. of Education launched to provide resources to districts and teachers implementing Common Core Standards.

Tennessee’s State Board of Education adopted the Common Core State Standards in mathematics and English/Language Arts in July 2010. This is an initiative led by the states designed to create a common core of state standards that is relevant and reflects the knowledge and skills young people need for success in college and the workforce.

Achieve the Core.Org has tools for teachers, articles on Common Core, and teacher forums.

Eye on Education Common Core Content Hubs has resources organized by strand and media type.

Educore Common Core Resources from ASCD   You can either log in with your ASCD account or create a free account.  Included are numerous videos, white papers, student resources, etc. all dealing with Common Core.  They have even created a way for teachers to create their own unique set of saved resources.

Going Online to Ease the Common Core Transition is a great article from Education Week about integrating technology with Common Core implementation.

America Achieves Common Core has a collection of videos ties to Common Core standards.

Become a Core Ninja is a great web site for a common sense approach on implementing Common Core Standards.

Collection of Common Core Livebinders has links to resources from different states and school districts compiled into Livebinders.

Next Generation Science Standards at TN Curriculum Center has a preview of new science standards being looked at in 26 Common Core states.

Ohio Common Core Resources includes model curriculum (created by teachers) by grade levels to go with English/Language Arts Common Core Standards.

TN Common Core Updates May 2012    This PowerPoint presentation details Common Core  implementation updates from the TN State Dept. of Ed

Tennessee Early Grades Common Core Standards  The Tennessee Department of Education worked with Early Grades Reading and Math teachers and coordinators to develop a process to assist teachers with understanding the new Common Core State Standards in the Summer of 2011.Read More

Please visit Tennessee Electronic Learning Center’s Educator Resourcesfor the full content of the Common Core Standards Training conducted by the Tennessee Department of Education in Summer 2011. (Note: The link above will take you directly to iTunes where you can download the free Standards Training information. Please look for the image on the right to access this file.)

Oakland Schools Michigan Scope and Sequence Guides have full lesson plans, gives supplemental materials, and has mentor text selections (read alouds)

Scholastic Common Core Resources

Georgia Common Core Resources has streaming video professional development sessions on Common Core Standards.

Engage NY Common Core Standards Resources

Check out the Common Core Toolkit, a collection of the resources you need to guide your implementation of the Common Core – all in one place.  Get familiar with the Common Core with our “Get Started” guides for Teachers,PrincipalsNetwork Teams, andAdministrators.

Technology Integration for Common Core Livebinder by Woodstock Technology Integration Team is a great place to integrate Common Core Standards with technology standards.

Livebinder – Common Core by Toby Price

12 Common Core Considerations Livebinder by Mike Fisher

Core Standards.Org

Guide to the \”Best\” Web Articles on Common Core Standards from Larry Ferlazzo

Making the Connection: Common Core and NETS  This is a great article from HP correlating NETS to Common Core.

Resources for Understanding Common Core is a comprehensive guide from Edutopia.

Kid Friendly Version of K-5 Common Core Math and ELA Standards has printable PDFs for each grade level (from Teacher’s Hero web site)

Common Core Resources Galore from Cleveland County Schools in North Carolina  – very comprehensive list of math and ELA resources by grade levels

50 Important Links for Common Core

Common Core Pinterest Board

Using Arts to Integrate Common Core

Common Core Sample:  Plumbing the Dark Mysteries of National Standards

Resources and Tools for PBL from Start to Finish

Common Core Big Idea 4:  Map Backward from Intended Results

Research Based PBL Practices

Common Core Resources for Students with Disabilities has a multitude of resources to help both regular education and special education teachers implement Common Core in their classrooms

Common Core EdCanvas by Jessica Brooks has links to the latest implementation updates in TN including web sites, presentations, videos, and documents.

109 Resources for Common Core Sorted by Content Area



Common Core Math

TN Curriculum Center Common Core Math Pacing Guides

Core Challenge – Resources Supporting Math Practices

Internet 4 Classrooms Math Common Core Resources has math Common Core standards by grade levels with sample activities/tasks tied to standards.

Math Writing Prompts has writing tasks for students categorized by grade level and skill strands.  The site comes from the Port Angeles Washington school district.

Share My Lesson – Math Common Core Lesson Plans (Grades K-8)

Knox County Schools Draft Curriculum & Pacing Guide for K-5 Math

Common Core Math Resources by Grade Level (K-6) includes nine week pacing guides and assessments by grade levels.  Published by Cleveland County Schools

Supplemental Explanations for Mathematical Practices Rubric goes with the rubric above to provide greater explanation for each domain.

RUBRIC – IMPLEMENTING STANDARDS FOR MATHEMATICAL PRACTICE is a rubric to use to assess how well students are meeting the rigor of the mathematical practices.

Livebinder – Common Core Math – Here is another great Livebinder full of math resources to help implement Common Core.

Vicki Dean\’s Class 6th Grade Math Common Core Resources has dozens of topics and lesson plans related to 6th grade Common Core Math standards.

Georgia Common Core Middle School Math Resources

Bullitt County Schools Math Pacing Guides for Common Core

Illustrative Mathematics  Illustrative Mathematics provides guidance to states by illustrating the range and types of mathematical work that students experience in a faithful implementation of the Common Core State Standards, and by publishing other tools that support implementation of the standards.

Maine West Math Dept. List of Common Core Math Resources – Some of the links are password protected, but most are not.  Great information.

Ohio Common Core Resources for Math also contains model curriculum by grade level.

Middle School Math Livebinder has dozens of resources including a very comprehensive section on integrating writing into math instruction.


Common Core ELA

English Language Arts Pilot    Several school districts in TN will pilot the English/Language Arts Common Core roll-out during the 2012-2013 school year.  The PDF form below has information about the first training session and includes links to videos and other resources to help teachers and schools prepare for Common Core.

Taking a Close Look at Close Reading

Planning Text Dependent Questions

Evidence Guides for CCSS Implementation  Developed by Student Achievement Partners, the guides aim “to provide concrete examples of what the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy” can look like for yearly and daily planning.

Share My Lesson – ELA Common Core Lesson Plans (Grades 6-12)

ELA Common Core Standards Self Study Livebinder provides teachers a self-study module to get acquainted with the complexity of the ELA Common Core standards.

Text Complexity and Common Core is a recorded webinar from the Indianna Dept. of Education explaining the relevance of text complexity as states and districts move to Common Core standards.

National Council Teachers of English Resources

Non-Fiction Readings with Skills Development

Common Core Standards “Cheat Sheet” is a one page document with all the key language arts acronyms, terms, and instructional shifts.  Great to print and keep with planning book.

3 Digital Resources for Common Core Academic Vocabulary





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