Digital Learning Day

Mallory Pippin’s class at North Middle Language Arts activities for Digital Learning Day.


Digital Learning – One week later…..  Eaton Elementary’s kindergarten celebrated 100 days of kindergarten on Friday, February 15th. They asked the students to dress like they were 100 years old. The kindergarten teachers have planned many 100 day activities for their student’s involving reading, writing, and math all using the number 100.  Click on the teacher picture below to see a short video featuring some of the students who celebrated being 100 days smarter.



Mrs. Wadsworth 4th graders at LES skyped with an expert on Sam Houston.

Bobby Amburn’s Agriculture Class at Loudon High School talks about Tech and Farming…

Mrs. King’s Pre-K and Mrs. McKee’s CDC Class at Greenback celebrate Digital Learning Day.

This is a video created by Mrs. Doane’s kindergarten class at Eaton Elementary.


Fort Loudoun Middle School “Poetry Slam”





Oregon Trail Project – Philadelphia Elementary

Combines 8th Grade Social Studies with Math – 1840 compared to 2013′




Jamie Hurst’s 3rd grade class at Eaton Elementary made movies about a book they read in class.


Beth Sandidge, Art Teacher at Philadelphia Elementary, integrates math and science as students create drawing with a Pro-Bot robot.


Mr. Jeff Talley’s Social Studies classes at Greenback created videos using XtraNormal to showcase their learning.

Mrs. Sandy Buttram’s 6th Grade Math Class at Fort Loudoun Middle School will use virtual tools to figure out gas mileage.


Greenback Digital Learning Day, February 6, 2013, Mrs. King’s Pre-K class and the younger students of Mrs. McKee’s class participated in a collaboration  to reinforce skills involving nursery rhymes, letter recognition, and opposite words.


Mrs. Ann Stafford’s class at Loudon Elementary created a video for Digital Learning Day…

Digital Learning Day Video



Mrs. Becky Edwards class at Steekee Elementary created a video for Digital Learning Day…

Edwards Class Video


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