Twitter as a Professional Development Tool

Twitter for PD


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Twitter for Administrators









Twitter for PD

Twitter – home page to the social network

Tweetdeck.Com is a way to organize your Twitter stream

Twitter for Professional Learning by Sandy Kendall

10 Great Videos on Using Twitter for Professional Development

The 21-Day #TwitterGuide4Beginners Challenge

Twitter+Guide from

Topsy.Com is a search engine for Twitter

Bitly.Com URL Shortener Shortens URLs for Tweets

Tiny URL.Com Shortens URLs for Tweets

22 Ways to Apply Bloom’s Taxonomy to Twitter

Educators Guide to Twitter Livebinder by Steven Anderson

Creative Twitter Tools Livebinder by Ana Christina Pratas

Twitter for Teachers and Administrators LIvebinder by Dawn Adams

Technology Resources for Administrators Livebinder by Lori Zimmerman

Twitter in Education Livebinder by Bonnie Bird

10 Twitter Mythconceptions

URL Toolbox: 90+ URL Shortening Services

Meet Your New PD Tool article from Scholastic

Larry Ferlazzo\’s Best Sites for Twitter Resources

How Can School Administrators Use Twitter to Reach Parents & the Community

What Should a Networked Educational Leader Tweet About?

Using Twitter for 24/7 Professional Development – Article by Wisconsin Principal

Nine Reasons to Twitter in Schools – Tech & Learning article

13 Ways Twitter Improves Education

The Complete Educators Guide to Using Google Reader

Twittering in the Hands of School Leaders from American Association of School Administrators

Eric Sheninger\’s Pinterest Page of Tech Resources

Twitter Modes

10 Great Video Tutorials for Using Twitter in the Classroom

The New Resume:  It’s 140 Characters



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